Snoring kills?

I got a pretty dramatic news release today with the subject head: "Snoring can kill you." Naturally, I read on. (Not for me of course...for my husband...yeah, that's it.) Anyway, the release was for Glen Burnie-based Sleep Solutions, a company that provides an in-home testing service for sleep disorders. Sleep Solutions, which also offers therapy products for sleep ...

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  1. John H. Cochran

    My wife complained for years about my snoring. After we moved to Baltimore, we found a doctor and she told the doctor of my snoring. At my next visit, the doctor referred me to a Johns Hopkins sleep specialist. The specialist scheduled me for an overnight sleep study at BayView Hospital. I didn’t sleep all night for the wires hooked to virtually every part of my anatomy and because the room was kept colder than a morgue with only a sheet to cover. Try making your ususal visit to the head at 3:00 a.m. in these conditions. While I thought I was awake most of the night, I actually learned that I was snoring and that I was not asleep all night. Imagine that, I thought. These test results prompted the sleep specialist to schedule me for yet a second night at BayView where, this time, I was connected to a C-Pap machine. This is a device that straps over the top of the head sort of like a dog muzzle only with a long elaphantine hose extending from mid-face to a blower which pumps airs down the throat all night. Acccording to these test results, I had the sort of sleep that resulted in random eye movement, a good thing according to the sleep specialist. Of course, the next step was to write a prescription so that my health insurance carrier could buy me a C-PAP machine. I declined, thinking that if I had to sleep with an umbilical like cord to my head for the rest of my life, I would just as soon die now. Short afterward, my wife told me that I had stopped snoring. That was four years ago and I still don’t snore.

  2. I keep hearing this “snoring will kill you” crap, but I haven’t found anything conclusive scientifically that says that. I could see apnea causing it, but not snoring.

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