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Those pesky ground hogs got you down?

varmint.JPGAn interesting side note to my reporting while down in Ocean City earlier this week: during my interview with Marty Moran, captain of the Marlin Magic charter boat, his cell phone rang.

His side of the conversation went something like this:

“They’re in the yard?…Shoot them, you need me for that?…I’m with someone, let me call you later.”

Naturally, I had to ask.

Turns out Moran has a side business doing rodent control for local landowners in the area, and he handed me a business card to prove it. On the back it reads he specializes in ground hogs,  predators, fox, coyotes and crop damage.

OK, it may be a little funny to us “city folk,” but it reminded me about what these guys in the fishing industry are really about: they just like to catch stuff, and they like the skill involved in it. He may run expensive boats for people, but Moran’s middle class and no frills.

We tend to not think about who’s really affected when the wealthier people stop throwing around money — like the minimum wage earners in the hospitality industry who found themselves out of work when corporations began cutting back on expensive meetings and galas.

Maybe Moran ought to seriously consider making his side business a regular business. After all, ground hogs will always be digging holes in people’s gardens.