Look for Orioles attendance boost

I may be a reporter but I do love crunching some numbers every now and then. I know. It's weird. But when you're talking about the Orioles' abysmal attendance so far this season, looking beyond the surface numbers has it's advantage. Let's start with the bad news: through 29 games, attendance at Camden Yards is down ...


  1. Does the Oriole organization keep stats on the number of fans (in this case, Red Sox) who attend Oriole home games. I was told by A red sox wag that when the sox play at Camden yards, 70% of the fans attending are from New England. This sounds absurd to me.

  2. How would they keep stats like that? When you purchase tickets, they don’t ask you which team you support.

  3. Liz Farmer, Business Writer

    Ah, yes — “Fenway South,” as Sox fans like to call Camden Yards.

    The team doesn’t keep stats on what team attendees are there to root for but a good look at the stands can tell you that anywhere between 35 to 60 percent of fans at a Red Sox/O’s game are there to root for Boston. And that’s a conservative guess from me. Later in the season, it can be even more because the Sox are usually in a playoff hunt and the O’s are typically out of contention. That may be where the 70 percent came from (although again, that was probably just by eyeballing it at the ballpark).

    The Yanks games are about the same although I will say on opening day this year, the majority of fans were there for the O’s (or at least cheering for them). And another shout out to O’s fans: during their series during Memorial Day weekend in Washington, I went to the Sunday game and it was about 50/50 O’s and Nat’s fans. It may not be a far trip to take, but road game attendance for a team is one of the indicators used to measure brand awareness. If it keeps up (and the Nats continue on their abysmal slide) maybe we can start calling Nationals Park “Camden South.”


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