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Law blog round-up

Law blog round-up

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Happy Monday! Here are some law links to start your week:

  • If you think Sonia Sotomayor is bad, you should see Andre Davis, writes Byron York of the Examiner. (Though the Examiner identifies York as its “chief political correspondent,” a term that to this journalist implies that he’s a reporter, make no mistake: he’s definitely a columnist, and he used to work for the National Review.)
  • Stereotypes about jurors will only get you so far, The Sun’s Tricia Bishop writes.
  • Constance Camus has a post about a battered woman whose husband trashed their home and everything in it. The woman sought help from many agencies but was turned down everywhere.
  • Venable helped pay for the new prairie dog exhibit at the Maryland Zoo. There’s a joke in here somewhere…
  • Check out these 18 on-screen courtroom moments that would never happen in real life. Which is your favorite?
  • A law firm in Cincinnati has instituted an associate apprentice program, where new associates will earn less money, undergo training and have their time billed at a lower rate. HT: Above the Law.

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