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A piece of American Visionary Art Museum in NYC

In the latest blurring of the line between entertainment and retail (if you watch American Idol/Giant Advertisement for Ford and Coca Cola, you know what I’m talking about), Baltimore’s very own American Visionary Art Museum is shipping pieces to appear in the Fifth Avenue windows of world-renowned retailer Bergdorf Goodman this month.

More than 50 pieces from the museum’s permanent collection will appear from June 26 through July 20 with pink cupcakes by the Lower East Side Girls Club (whose artwork is on permanent display at the museum) to be the first window display.

Other pieces to make the trip will be: Fifi the poodle on the store floor, Andrew Logan’s sculpture of “Divine,” the carved critters of Clyde Jones, whimsical whirligigs by Vollis Simpson, the oversize Angels & Aliens chess pieces by Lyle Estill, the obsessive drawings of Ted Gordon, DeVon Smith’s “World’s First Robot Family,” Judith Scott’s yarn-wrapped sculptures, and more.

You can also contact the museum about tickets for a July 12 trip from Baltimore to see the windows at Bergdorf Goodman, and tour the Lower East Side Girls Club, private collector’s home and an artist studio.

What do you think about the marketing here?  When I think of Bergdorf Goodman, I think money, style and sophistication. When I think of AVAM, I think of quirky and unique. What do you get when you put both those genres together — does it work?