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Getting hired for social media…through social media

An interesting story came my way this morning out of the Cyphers Agency in Annapolis. It seems the agency’s latest recruit was found almost entirely by using social media sites. And what division was she hired for? You guessed it, Cyphers’ new Word of Mouth division called Push-n-Pull.

The new account executive, Julianna Wittig, was a casualty in a mass layoff this spring, so she focused on managing her online presence (Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn) while updating her resume and looking for new opportunities. When she saw the opening at Cyphers, she found colleagues at the Baltimore Ad Club who knew of the agency and could give her feedback on the work environment and culture there.

In Annapolis, Darren Easton, the agency’s vice president and creative director, checked up on Wittig with friends and through networking sites to see if she’d be a good fit for the firm’s social media’s side.

“By the time the actual interview came to pass, Darren just looked at me and said I already know everything I need to know about you,” said Wittig in the agency’s account of the story.

I had a friend a while ago who was a really good worker and pretty normal in other social situations but she just imploded during interviews because she’d get really nervous. She told me of several occasions where she knows her nervousness lost her the job.

It’s well known that future employers may look at Facebook sites and any other online profiles interviewees have to judge whether they’d be a good fit. If hiring continues along this trend of using more social media, does that mean people like my friend won’t get burned as often by a poor interview?