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The files go virtual, but the filing cabinets just go

Sometimes what surprises you in life is what you don’t see, like someone gets a haircut shorter than usual.

Case in point: I was walking through a second-floor hallway on the Bosley Avenue side of Baltimore County Circuit Court building in Towson on Tuesday morning when I did a double-take. Dozens of hulking metal shelves and filing cabinets had been ripped out of the floor, leaving an open space more than 50 feet long by my rough estimate. It looked like part of a forest had been cleared for new development.

The shelves and cabinets used to hold land records, but those were removed last year after all of the paperwork was scanned into computers, according to a few title researchers I talked to. The shelves and cabinets sat empty until they were removed last week.

Tim Sheridan, the court’s administrator, said the space will remain empty for now but said it could eventually become additional office space for the clerk of the court, which currently occupies much of the second floor.