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To tweet or retweet

I have to admit, I was really late joining Twitter; not only that, but my mother was on it first and tweets more than I do.

While I have joined the Twitter nation, I am still unsure about the best way to integrate it into my professional life.  Providing constant updates to the world has its pros and cons just like any new technology, however it was HBO’s Hard Knock series with the Cincinnati Bengals that made me more cautious about tweeting.

I watched the show and started following a few players from the Bengals and players from other teams. One recently tweeted that the NFL was considering banning players from using Twitter. At first I thought it sounded completely offensive; was this an effort to stifle an athlete’s voice?

Then I started following Chad Ochocinco.  Mr. 85 is a Twitter fiend and was shown tweeting while in the locker room, and, I think, during meetings on the HBO show.

As a litigator, he would be a nightmare juror or witness. Could you imagine a frustrated juror tweeting about which way a split jury is leaning, or about evidence they did or did not consider during deliberation? I can only imagine the issues on appeal.

I wonder how long it will be before questions regarding Facebook, Twitter, or blogging become standard voir dire questions. I’ve already seen them in interrogatories.

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