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Long-awaited Towson deli to open soon

I wrote about the closing of the Court Towers Deli in April 2008. Since then, I’ve watched the ground-level space sit vacant on Pennsylvania Avenue, a block from Baltimore County Circuit Court in Towson. Occasionally I would see people inside, scoping the place out. I heard rumors that a restaurant would be opening last fall, but nothing came to pass.

The restaurant was and is a topic of conversation of the people I see in and around the courthouse. So it gives me great pleasure to report a sign I saw on the space’s front door Monday:

Perring Place Express Deli

Tentative Opening Date:

Monday, Sept. 14th, 2009, 7 a.m.

New window treatments are already being mounted inside, a quick search online reveals the deli is already listed. The name suggests a spin-off of Perring Place in Parkville.

After 18 months of wondering and waiting, I’ll believe the deli is open when I see it, but I’ll keep you posted.