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That’s not the real Sheila Dixon

You’d think the Internet pranksters would have had their fill by now of Mayor Sheila Dixon’s admonishment, but I guess if you get a rise out of someone once…

Last week, somebody  launched a Twitter site for FakeSheilaDixon. As the name indicates, this is not an attempt to fool anybody, especially after the Manchester, England confusion of a few weeks ago. Then,  a trickster set up a doppelganger city Web site, and made it appear as though Dixon was spouting off about negative comments made by a Tory politician.

The fake site duped publications including The Guardian and The Baltimore Sun, and drew a quick clarification from Dixon’s office.

FakeSheilaDixon is taking a lighthearted approach, and has been tweeting up a storm . Whoever it is appears to be paying attention to Dixon’s schedule, though. This one came out Monday just before the mayor announced that an event to honor garbage men had been postponed:

“I took the day off today,” FakeSheilaDixon said. “Let’s just say I enjoyed the Mayor’s Box at the Ravens game a little too much.”

Was the mayor at the game? I didn’t see it on her schedule.

I must admit that this is not my favorite fake Baltimore twitter account. That honor stays with unpeterangelos, the famed impersonator of Orioles owner and prominent attorney Peter Angelos. He (or maybe Twitter) had his own problems with the real Peter Angelos.

But apparently the fakers are enjoying the company. Unpeterangelos had this to say in response to Ms. Fake Dixon.

“I admire your administrative style. You’re a civic treasure, madame. PS: Now, about that zoning permit…”

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