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Phished on Facebook

I got a chat message on Facebook this morning from one of my FB friends, with whom I hadn’t spoken in, oh, three years.

I guess that’s not unbelievably unusual, but I had friended the guy a while back, and those types of conversations usually happen within minutes of friending someone. You know … what have you been up to for the last 25 years of your life?

Anyway, within 30 seconds, my “friend” was telling me that he was stuck in London, where he had been mugged at gunpoint last night. And he really needed my help.

You really don’t need to be Elliott Stabler (for all you Law and Order SVU fans) to figure out where this was going.

He wanted me to send him money.

Evidently, this scam has been around for a while. While I was chatting with my “friend,” I googled “facebook” “chat” and “scam” and this was the first result.

Then, when I asked my friend how he knew me, he again asked for money, cursed me and blocked me from the page.

Anybody else have this experience?