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5+ years of being movie-less

I really love going to the movie theater. These days, I can hardly even remember or have the time to update my Netflix queue. I saw this list of the 50 best movies of the decade via Twitter and was reminded of how much I miss that experience — the smell of the popcorn, the anticipating during the previews, the awesome sound quality.  No joke — I haven’t been to the theater since my oldest was born over 5 years ago.

My husband and I are both full-time lawyers trying to manage the work/life balance thing and the experience of going to the movies has simply dropped down to the bottom of the priority list.  Don’t you and your husband have date nights, you might ask.  Yes (although they are too infrequent!).  But by the time we get through a leisurely dinner (which in itself is a tremendous treat for us), it’s usually close to our 10 pm bedtime, which we try and maintain — weekday or weekend.  Keeping that bedtime is one of the ways that we make the balancing act work — it enables us to wake up early to workout or work, whichever is the day’s priority.

Candidly, though, most of the time, those leisurely dinners also drop down on the priority list below whole-family dinners, which, because we both work at firms, we don’t get to do very often during the week.  I suppose that’s a topic for another blog post — “Avoiding Mommy Guilt”. Until I find the time to write that one, check this website out.

So, readers, what priorities of yours have dropped to the bottom of your list now that you are trying to manage kids, works, marriages, etc. . . And do you ever sit down and reevaluate your priority list?  I proffer that if you don’t sit down and do that, your priorities will stay exactly where they appear to be right now.  And consider this — if you do reevaluate, in 10 years, you too can count on one hand the number of movies you’ve seen on that list.