Baltimore’s Jamie McCourt’s future with Dodgers in limbo

We often hear in Baltimore about the desire for more local or family ownership (see Tribune/Baltimore Sun, Pimlico Race Course). But family ownership has its problems too. Last month, Jamie McCourt, a Baltimore native who was CEO of the Los Angeles Dodgers and the highest-ranking woman in baseball, and her husband Frank, announced their seperation. On ...

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  1. Who wrote this this article?

    Have you been following how ugly this situation is, and may tear apart a fabric of the LA community.

    The McCourts should have taken care of this behind closed doors instead of making such a spectacle.

    I am a lifelong Dodger fan, and long for simpler times (the O’Malleys). This will never happen, of course but to air their dirty laundry in public, and to make such $ demands during a recession is outrageous.

    Good riddance to both of them; dare I say “Welcome Marc Cuban?”.