E-mail Management

I’m a generally organized person. I keep binders, folders and redwells of all of my cases, projects, blog ideas, and even reading lists. I have one major deficiency, though. E-mail. It is my nemesis. Don’t get me wrong—I like e-mail’s functionality. The fax machine is an antiquated device, basically useless compared to the quick and instantaneous e-mail. I can’t believe people still use them. E-mail is preferable to the telephone—it is quick, to the point, and you are only limited by how quickly you can read. For telephone conversations, you have so much chit-chat that you are really just wasting time with every call. The problem with e-mail in my life is simply a matter of organization. As of this moment, I have 2,138 e-mails in my inbox. There is no way for me to know the majority of what is in there. Here is a rough approximation of my ever-evolving system of dealing with the e-mails: