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Conveyor Belt of Blogs

As I sit at my computer drafting this blog entry, my television is tuned to the ABC network and a television show called Conveyor Belt of Love. Not just a clever name, the show involves five women sitting in chairs in front of a conveyor belt on which men scroll along the stage making sixty-second pitches about why the ladies should select them for a date. ABC’s website for this television show includes this irresistible teaser: “5 Women, 30 Men…One Conveyor Belt.”

The conveyor belt gimmick was unique and interesting when incorporated into the sushi dining experience at places like Towson’s Kyodai Rotating Sushi Bar. I am sad to report that in the case of ABC’s new show, where the conveyor belt is used to shuttle reality television date seekers du jour off a stage after being screened for marriage potential by insult-spewing female counterparts, we have undoubtedly hit a new and depressing low.

This criticism comes from someone not embarrassed to admit that I have been entertained by some pretty terrible television shows over the years — e.g., Small Wonder, Joe Millionaire, and just about any MTV “reality” show – but Conveyor Belt of Love may be the worst show ever to grace our precious airwaves, so precious that I had to watch it until the end.

The compelling introduction you just read is apropos of nothing at all, but serves as a helpful segue nonetheless. If you are reading the Generation J.D. blog, you are probably someone who enjoys filling his or her spare time with more noble pursuits than conveyor belt dating shows (as if such a thing exists). There are so many great legal blogs on the internet, that it can sometimes be difficult finding the best. A brief list of just a few of the most entertaining, insightful, and interesting legal blogs follows after the jump…


Blog: Above the Law

How the Blog Describes Itself: “A Legal Tabloid: News, Gossip, and Colorful Commentary on Law Firms and the Legal World.”

What You’ll Find: Interesting and humorous news, gossip and salary information about BigLaw firms and frequent contests like “Law Firm Holiday Card of the Year,” “Best Law Firm Swag,” and “America’s Hottest Law School Deans.”

Recent Blog Entry You Should Not Miss: The Five Best Motions of 2009


Blog: The Volokh Conspiracy

How the Blog Describes Itself: “The Volokh Conspiracy is a group blog.   Most of us are law professors.”

What You’ll Find: A most intelligent, academic, conservative / libertarian take on relevant issues in news, politics, and law, written by renowned legal scholars and law professors from across the country.

Recent Blog Entry You Should Not Miss: Cost Benefit Analysis and Airline Security – A Query About Method


Blog: ScotusBlog

How the Blog Describes Itself: A Blog about the Supreme Court of the United States by staff writers and lawyers at Akin, Gump, Strauss, Hauer, & Feld, LLP.

What You’ll Find: An impartial, but thoroughly comprehensive and impressively up-to-date blog devoted to issues before and about the Supreme Court, with more insightful and accessible Supreme Court analysis than can be found anywhere on the internet or elsewhere.

Recent Blog Entry You Should Not Miss: Book Review: Justice Kennedy’s Law: Understanding the “Swing Voter”


Blog: PrawfsBlog

How the Blog Describes Itself: “Where Intellectual Honesty Has (Almost Always) Trumped Partisanship – Albeit in a Kind of Boring Way Until Recently”

What You’ll Find: Surprisingly down-to-earth law professors presenting anecdotes about being professors, as well as insightful and substantive articles about legal issues from a law professor’s perspective.

Recent Blog Entry You Should Not Miss: Can Exam Taking Be Fun?


Blog: Sports Law Blog

How the Blog Describes Itself: “All things legal relating to the sports world…”

What You’ll Find: Links to and analysis of the legal implications involved in all sports-related issues, from Tiger Woods to Gilbert Arenas to Mayweather-Pacquiao.

Recent Blog Entry You Should Not Miss: Bloomberg Legal Expert and Supreme Court Reporter Greg Stohr on American Needle v. NFL


Blog: Overlawyered

How the Blog Describes Itself: “Chronicling the high cost of our legal system”

What You’ll Find: Usually humorous, though sometimes disheartening, links to and analysis of examples of how our legal system encourages frivolousness and unchecked opportunism and resists accountability.

Recent Blog Entry You Should Not Miss: “Inmate Sues Penthouse magazine for denying him subscription.”

I cannot promise that you will always be entertained by the blogs listed above, but I can promise that they will at least help you pass the time until ABC’s next mid-season replacement show, Marry My Steam Engine.


  1. I was a fan of Small Wonder back in the day. What’s not to like? It’s about robots! I didn’t think anybody else remembered it.

  2. Very interesting post, thanks for sharing!