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Painting the town purple

So if the Ravens make the big game (I won’t say the official title for fear of jinxing it), will we be adding purple to the Maryland state flag? At this rate, that seems like a possibility.

Last week, Ravens grounds crew members painted City Hall and Federal Hill with the large Ravens logos. Now, with the blessing of the area’s county and city governments, late last night and early into this morning, the Ravens staff continued painting the town purple with spray chalk and smaller stencils.

From a Ravens press release: “As Baltimoreans wake up this morning, they will find the Ravens’ logo and team mantra ‘Play Like A Raven’ at over 100 locations throughout Baltimore City, Baltimore County and Howard County. These locations consist of high-trafficked areas, marquee destinations, hospitals, libraries and other key spots such as the Inner Harbor, Cross Street Market, the Hippodrome and the Hunt Valley Town Center.”

Kidding aside, stuff like this is one of the reasons Baltimore is such a great sports town. But it takes two to tango — the Ravens are clearly marking their territory and making a big effort to keep the team in the forefront of people’s minds.

As Ravens President Dick Cass told me in a recent interview, the Ravens have a smaller market area than most NFL teams. And, being surrounded by teams in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and Washington, they do not have a strong secondary market. So, the team has to put a lot of effort into the areas that are solidly pro-Ravens to keep its fan base energized.

“Trying to generate more out of Baltimore is important for our future,” Cass said.

This weekend the Ravens face a tough opponent on Saturday in the Indianapolis Colts, who started off the season 14-0 before slipping to 14-2 at the finish.