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Veggie meatballs coming to Little Italy

Of course there are many more fancy things on the menu at Milan, Little Italy’s new restaurant, than veggie meatballs…but that’s what stuck out to me because I rarely see them.

Milan, described in its news release as a “dining destination where food meets fashion” (hopefully not literally…otherwise I’ll bring my bib), opens Friday and offers a fairly extensive menu of Italian classics with some fun twists.

Who can say no to homemade ravioli with lobster, crab AND shrimp, topped off with a pink peppercorn cream and citrus pistachio gremolata? Or a filet mignon with walnut gorgonzola butter? And for dessert, it’s not just cheesecake — it’s honey ricotta cheesecake. I wonder what my Italy-born great grandfather would think of that.

I have to take issue with one part of the menu though — the prices are listed in euros and dollars, which to me is a little pretentious. Sorry folks, but I don’t care if we’re eating Italian food in a “destination dining” establishment — no amount of trickery will make me forget that I’m really still in Baltimore.

The menu looks good though and while the entrees get pricey (the ribeye is $44) most of the menu is reasonably priced between about $10 for a salad and $16-$26 for entrees.


  1. Good Picture! Reminds me of “Attack of the Killer Tomatoes”…. I like your sarcasm…!