Carroll County to mediate stinky-farm dispute

Carroll County officials have put together a committee to hear a dispute between the proprietors of an organic farm and neighbors who say it smells bad.

Phil and Victoria Snader are the owners of Enviro-Organic Technologies Inc. in Marston. They take natural materials from food processing plants — including spice waste from McCormick and residuals from slaughterhouses — and give them to farmers as an alternative to commercial fertilizers. The Snaders also use the materials at their own farm.

Nearby residents have been complaining to the county and state about odors from the farm for more than a year.

The county has found five people to preside over what’s called a Right-to-Farm hearing next month. Both sides will have the opportunity to testify.

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  1. Has anyone ever smelled Essex where the poop plant is. We have to deal with the smell cause poop plants and farms are essential.

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