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Legal Karma – What Comes Around Goes Around (access required)

As I post this blog entry, 2010 has been a harsh year for the Michael Siri family.  After bringing home our New Year's Eve baby boy, our dog of 6 years, a wonderful St. Bernard we rescued from the Maryland SPCA, has had difficulty adjusting to our newest addition. After consultation with our veterinarian and a highly respected animal behaviorist, the recommendation was to find Dinah a new home, which has been a heartbreaking process that literally is breaking up our family. After the back to back snow storms, the rear rain gutters on our house have fallen off and our front gutters appear likely to follow.  Today, while my wife was with our newborn son at Wegman's, her car refused to start.  Despite replacing the battery, we still needed to get the car towed and it is now in the mechanic's, without a clue as to how much this unexpected bill will be. As I head home after spending more time in the Wegman's parking lot than in the office, my mind drifts to the last few weeks and I think, "What did I do to deserve all of this?"