Juror Number 106

As my Twitter followers know (@johnjohncord), last Friday I did my civic duty and showed up to the Baltimore City Circuit Court for jury duty. I’ve been living in Maryland since 2002, and I have never been summoned. Unlike most people called to serve, I was ecstatic—ever since I was old enough to know I wanted to be a lawyer (around early high school), I wanted to be on a jury. Part of it was that scene in Devil’s Advocate, where Keanu Reaves’ character admits that he can connect with juries because he used to eavesdrop on deliberations (of course, we later learn that he may have been gifted because he was a child of the devil). It can’t hurt to see first-hand how a jury actually deliberates—how they choose their foreperson, what kind of role that foreperson takes, how they take sides, and what judgments they make of the lawyers, witnesses and evidence. It sounds instructive. So, with my brown bag lunch in hand, I took the free Hopkins shuttle from Charles Village (jury duty on a dime—they only pay $15 these days) to Peabody, and walked the rest of the way, showing up well in advance of my 8:00 a.m. notice.


  1. Larry J. Feldman, Esq.

    Too bad you could not sit on a trial, John.
    I sat on a jury for a workers comp appeal in Towson about 7 years ago and the experience was so valuable in terms of how I now handle myself in front of juries.

  2. Why isn’t my comment appearing? This is not a blog for young lawyers. It is a blog for the plaintiff’s bar. It should be titled as such.

  3. Isolde: My understanding is that the comments are moderated to prevent spam, so there may be a delay. There are defense lawyers writing for this blog–see today’s post by Ryan Perlin (http://mddailyrecord.com/generationjd/2010/02/24/another-view-of-the-dean-rothenberg-situation/), for example.

    And, I’m happy to see that you continue to read the posts from the plaintiff’s lawyers on our blog, despite your objections!


  4. I read x-ray reports too. That doesn’t mean I enjoy it.

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