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What are Terps/Duke tickets worth to YOU?

On eBay, a pair of tickets to last night’s basketball game between Duke and Maryland were advertised for sale for $600.

On Craigslist, another pair of tickets to the same game were advertised for sale for $1,000.

Given the magnitude of the game and the enormous demand for tickets, it’s easy to see the value in being able to attend last night’s game.  But, if you’re not a student … and you don’t have season tickets … and you don’t have a few hundred dollars lying around … how could you get into the Comcast Center for the game?

A clever 1L at the University of Baltimore School of Law came up with an ingenious idea – barter! According to the Baltimore Sun and ESPN’s Erin Andrews, the student offered a to-be-determined number of hours of legal services (contingent upon his passing the Maryland Bar Exam, of course) in exchange for a ticket to last night’s game.

In a profession founded on precedent and form books, it’s refreshing to see a young, prospective attorney thinking outside of the box in an effort to achieve a goal. It’s creativity like this that keeps our profession fresh. When traditional methods fail, clients are always looking for alternative ways to get results.  This kind of “thinking” could prove to be quite successful in the future, and may be a distinguishing trait for this individual to potential employers.

In the end, this particular student’s originality paid off – in exchange for $50 and a promise to perform a few hours of work at a future University of Maryland athletic event, he got his ticket … and a deal he’ll probably discuss for years to come.