Dwyer undeterred still on Gansler impeachment effort

House Speaker Mike Busch won’t allow it and the attorney general’s office calls it unconstitutional, but Del. Don Dwyer still hopes to impeach Attorney General Douglas F. Gansler.

In a statement Tuesday, Dwyer set the date: March 31. “The House Speaker has publically [sic] stated that he will rule me out of order when I attempt to bring the charge,” Dwyer wrote. “My hope is that the Speaker will recognize my authority under Article 3 Section 26 of the State Constitution” (giving the House “sole power of impeachment in all cases”).

Dan Friedman, counsel to the General Assembly in Gansler’s office, has advised Busch that Article V, §1 requires a court proceeding to impeach an attorney general. Dwyer wants to impeach Gansler for opining that Maryland would recognize same-sex marriages performed elsewhere.


  1. Insofar as Delegate Dwyer cannot be bothered to spellcheck his press releases, I vote we devote no further space to his commentary. Ever. Please. Pretty please.

  2. I think what Gansler did was wrong. Maryland has a ban on gay marriage that was voted on by the citizens. As soon as D.C. approved it, Gansler simply circumvented Maryland law by ruling all out of state gay marriages will be recognized as legal, allowing gay couples to simply cross the Maryland/DC line, tie the knot and then come back and live in Maryland as a married couple, thereby voiding the will of the Maryland voters. Once again, the will of the people has been dismantled. Good going, Gansler, you’re right in step with the times.

  3. You know what, Chuck? Being right in step with the times isn’t a good thing at all. If everyone were concerned about being in step with the times and doing what the masses want, schools would still be segregated, women wouldn’t have the right to vote, and interracial marriage would be banned. Bravo to Gansler for standing up for what is right (legally AND morally) even though it may be unpopular with certain homophobes in the state.

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