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Law blog round-up

Here are some tidbits to take your mind off Maryland’s heartbreaking loss yesterday:

  • Jeffrey Toobin at The New Yorker gives three immediate observations about the legal implications of the health care legislation, including how it might affect the Supreme Court.
  • Above the Law has more on the potential, legal fallout of the bill.
  • Speaking of SCOTUS, an Iowa lawyer provides an interesting take in today’s Baltimore Sun about its upcoming Snyder v. Phelps case.
  • Encyclopaedia Britannica files a $250 million lawsuit against Dickstein Shapiro LLP for allegedly botching a patent application. (HT: Law Shucks.)
  • A former Wisconsin state employee has won a discrimination lawsuit against his employer… the State’s Equal Division. (HT and “Dept. of Irony” headline to Overlawyered.)
  • Today’s business tip – prevent profit “leaking” by recording all of your time while in the office.