Urban development author: ‘Skyscrapers are over’

Skyscrapers are old news, green spaces are useless and building parking lots is a waste of time — that was just part of a message the keynote speaker delivered to a roomful of businesspeople for Tuesday morning’s release of the annual State of Downtown Baltimore report. But urban development author James Howard Kunstler also said ...


  1. I commpletely agree..I was at the presentation and think people should start to take Mr Kunstler very seriously and pay attention to his warning about the change in culture and cities as we know them today

  2. A member of the audience of the presentation by Mr. Kunstler covered by The Daily Record’s article stated this on Mr. Kunstler’s blog:

    “The audience was composed, for the most part, of a collection (about a 120 or so) of lawyers, real estate types, business proprietors, media types, PR people,local government executives, etc. … I had informally polled the crowd and not one person had any idea who Mr. Kunstler was or read any of his works.”

    I raised the issue of the impracticality of skycrapers as “green” solutions in the comment section of an San Francisco Chronicle’s SFGate.com article entitled “New towers coming to Transbay site?” (The SFGate article was published November 09 2009 at 09:00 AM in the “City Insider” blog; link: http://tinyurl.com/yjtybjn). The exchange was telling: the reaction was overwhelmingly negative.

    I’ve long been familiar with M. King Hubbert’s ideas, and Kenneth Deffeyes has given them new life in his book, Hubbert’s Peak, and his follow-on book, Beyond Oil. Neither Hubbert nor Deffeyes are saying much that is radical, or extreme, and neither is beholden to any interest that would tend to bias their views.

    And so, given the long history of these ideas, it is somewhat disturbing to see how utterly ignorant most of the polity is concerning them. But when I see how few of our citizens have ever taken a geology course, this level of ignorance becomes comprehensible.

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