Moving day for the Cord family

After eight years of living in my beautiful Charles Village neighborhood (in three different locations, all within four blocks of each other), my wife and I are finally moving. We always knew this day would come, but we did not expect to outgrow our condo so soon. It’s a little bittersweet. We ended our apartment-dwelling lives when we became homeowners a little over two years ago. We saved every penny for the perfect two bedroom condo unit. The location was great—the lush Johns Hopkins University walking paths were nearby, we had a Barnes & Noble bookstore on the corner, plenty of sushi places, Starbucks (for my wife—I hate coffee) and Chipotle were just steps outside of our home. We got rid of all of our old IKEA furniture, upgrading to Pottery Barn couches and Restoration Hardware chairs. I finally had the home office that I wanted since I was 12. It was a big move for us, and it felt like we finally made it. This was home.