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Law school rankings released

The U.S. News & World Report law school rankings were officially released Thursday. I say “officially” because Above the Law noted the results had been leaked in a Tuesday afternoon blog post. (Apparently I wasn’t paying as close attention to the leaks as I did last year.)

Here’s what I gleaned:

  • The University of Maryland School of Law is tied for 48th with law schools at American, Southern Methodist and Tulane University. UM Law was tied for 43rd last year.
  • The University of Baltimore School of Law returned to third tier after a year in the fourth tier.
  • UM Law is No. 2 for health care law, No. 9 for clinical training and tied for 10th for environmental law
  • UM Law is No. 5 for part-time law students; UB Law is tied for 57th
  • 13 percent of UM Law students are black; 6 percent of UB Law students are black
  • UB Law is No. 6 on the list of public schools that give the most financial aid

The two schools also placed relatively low on this list, which I think is the one list where a lower ranking is better.