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Shatner. William Shatner. (access required)

I saw a link the other day to this MSNBC story with the title, “Lindsey Vonn to appear on ‘Law and Order.” Admittedly, before I read the tagline (“Gold medalist says crime drama is her favorite TV show”), I didn’t know who Lindsey Vonn was. But, I think sometime during the Olympics I heard she was a skier. I get half a point for pop culture knowledge (I’m typically deficient in that area). But, the story got me thinking. We all have our favorite shows, and although we non-celebrities are not likely to get the chance to play out Ms. Vonn’s fantasy, it is fun to daydream about it. The Question: If you could appear in one TV show (or movie, or play, or whatever), what would it be?


  1. You’ve got to watch a little more BOSTON LEGAL (which is now in reruns on a variety of stations) and get the full flavor of the show. It’s brilliant and Shatner is brilliant in it. His balcony scenes with James Spader are classic: Call them the Kirk and Spock of the New Millennium.