Tire-flattening judge pleads case to Md. ethics panel

ANNAPOLIS — A judicial disciplinary panel grilled Judge Robert C. Nalley on Wednesday over what he was thinking when he deflated the tire of a cleaning woman who parked in a reserved space at the Charles County Courthouse last summer. “I wanted the person who had parked there to know we did not appreciate it,” ...

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  1. Many years ago, in a county not far from Charles County, a circuit court judge was leaving for the day. Someone parked behind him, blocking him in. He got into his pick up truck, backed up and pushed the offending vehicle out of the way and went merrily on his way. In another instance, a district court judge was holding traffic court. Around 10 AM, he called a case. He told the defendant he was sending his case to another courtroom, as he had a conflict and could not hear his case. What conflict, inquired the defendant. The judge told the defendant he was parked in his reserved space, and by the way, the judge parked behind him, blocking him in. He told the defendant he would be finished around 4:30 and would let him out then.

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