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Battling beats and lawsuits

As filming of the second season of “Jersey Shore” continues, footage from the first season has been the topic of discussion in a New Jersey courtroom.

A Superior Court judge on Monday allowed a lawsuit to proceed alleging the show’s producers “engaged in a ‘criminal enterprise’ by profiting from showing fights that cast members deliberately provoked,” AP reports.

The decision came after Judge Joseph R. Foster dismissed part of the lawsuit Friday that tried to stop MTV from distributing DVDs and video clips of the first season. The judge held the three plaintiffs were not shown in a false light because their faces were blurred out on the show. The next hearing in the case is set for May 28.

NOTE: If you’re not a “Jersey Shore” fan, you can stop reading right now. Otherwise, you’ve been warned.

The plaintiffs, not surprisingly, were all involved in incidents with Ronnie. Two were the married couple  who engaged in the back-and-forth with Ronnie and Sammi on the boardwalk, which ended with Ronnie and the husband wrestling. (You can see part of the fight in the video accompanying The Asbury Park Press story.) The third plaintiff is the guy Ronnie knocked unconscious with his infamous, “That’s one shot, kid! That’s one shot!”, which put Ronnie in jail for a night.

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