Nine percent water rate hike proposed for Baltimore customers

Baltimore City public works officials are proposing a 9 percent increase for water and sewer rates charged to customers of the city’s water system.

If approved by the Board of Estimates, the annual water and sewer bill for a family of four would go up approximately $81. The rate increase would affect not only city residents, but also people living in metropolitan-area counties surrounding Baltimore.

Those counties receive water from city reservoirs but generally set their own rates. Officials said the increase is needed to meet federal and state regulatory requirements and infrastructure replacement costs. A public hearing on the proposed increase is set for June 9.


  1. Patricia Hammond

    ANOTHER INCREASE!!! This is ridiculous. How much more of my income is the city going to take. I guarantee that that the publie hearing being held on June 9, 2010 will be scheduled at a time when city residents are at work.

  2. concerned resident

    so whose pockets did our stimulus dollars that were supposed to go to infrastructure disappear into?

  3. I’m tired of all of these new taxes and additional increases in Baltimore City. This is just becoming absolutely ridiculous. My salary as a state employee will not increase again this year, yet every cost around me continues to go up! Can the citizens get a break!!! I think it is time for me to seriously consider a move out of Baltimore City!

  4. Ok, are you really complaining about $81 a YEAR?

    Think of this as a way to persuade people to get more water efficient toilets, faucets and shower heads. I think this is a win-win situation. It makes people think twice about using up a finite resource we all take for granted.

  5. Like it or not

    Much of the City’s sewer system is around 100 years old and the capacity of the system was designed for something like twice the population that is currently paying to support it. Like it or not, it’s time to face the music and fix the problem. The Environmental Protection Agency is not going to go away and it’s just going to cost more the longer the system continues to be neglected.


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