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Dinner brought to you by Joe Flacco

And we’re talking literally.

Get ready to meet some of the highest-paid waiters you’ll probably ever have.

On Monday, Morton’s The Steakhouse in Baltimore is hosting a celebrity server night featuring Ravens players including quarterback Joe Flacco, center Matt Birk, running back Ray Rice and guard Ben Grubbs.

The event includes silent and live auctions, with proceeds benefiting Birk’s HIKE (Hope. Inspiration. Knowledge. Education.) Foundation, a nonprofit that supports at-risk children with education and life skills.

The Ravens will serve a four-course meal to ticketed guests at the restaurant, and advance reservations are required.

I guess if it’s a four-course meal, there’s not a whole lot of wiggle room for these guys to screw up the order, huh? I’d still be tempted to test them though by asking for things like dressing on the side or asking for one of the side orders to be taken off.

But maybe that’s just me.

Although at $250 per person, we should be able to have a little fun with these guys, right?  I know it’s for a good case and all but that’s a hefty price tag to ask for one night, even if I do get the opportunity to tell Joe Flacco to send my dish back because it’s too salty.