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Kagan at the bat: An inning of innuendo (access required)

I held off as long as I could, but now that larger newspapers than this one have waded in, there no longer seems to be any point in staying out of it. I'm talking, of course, about Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan, the persistent rumors that she is gay, and that old photo of her the ...

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  1. What everyone knows, except apparently you Ms. Tamber, is that all visual media of all stripes—print , TV, and now the Internet—run photos or art that support their biased political agenda. As an example, there has not been one photo of former Alaska Governor Palin that didn’t show her in an awkward or unpleasant facial expression—standard media procedure if you want to want to make someone you disagree with look bad. To think that the media is objective is like thinking Rome was built in a day. Lawyers do character assassination best. Every bit of effort is directed toward winning a case and crushing your adversary without regard to right or wrong, fairness, justice, equality, etc.