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What happens in Vegas …

I’ve never really admitted it before, but I just don’t understand all the fuss about Las Vegas. Many of my friends love the city, and love the chance to live it up when they visit. Ho hum.

I end up going about once every year or so, because Vegas is a favorite spot for litigation-related seminars and CLE programs. AAJ hosts many of its CLE seminars there regularly, and the who’s who of the plaintiffs’ bar descends upon Vegas for those and litigation group seminars (I bet the defense bar frequents the community, as well). Those who do pharmaceutical and complex litigation have Mass Torts Made Perfect, also set this year for Vegas. I had a conference there on Thursday and Friday of last week.

Of course, traveling alone doesn’t really help. Almost any city is better enjoyed with company, but I recognize that I should be able to explore and enjoy a new location on my own without depending on others. And, in most cases, it’s not a problem. But I just don’t understand Vegas.

Don’t get me wrong. The temperature was great at just over 100 degrees. (those of you who know me know I’m not kidding about that. It’s the heat of summer and I’m still sleeping under a heavy blanket.) The airport is close to the city, so cab fare is reasonable. And, there’s no limit to the food options. But, I think the negatives outweigh these few advantages.

Everything is expensive, and it’s a real chore to do anything on the cheap. Prices are marked up just because “It’s Vegas, Baby,” and no one seems to question the justification behind it. That “I’m here to lose money” philosophy is probably a result of the city’s gambling nature, which is the main reason I don’t have any affinity for the city. I don’t gamble. Losing money just isn’t fun to me, and I stopped playing cards back in elementary school (I won War as frequently as I lost it). Certainly some of this is skill — my older brother spends a lot of time playing poker, but in the end a good night is breaking even. I guess I just don’t enjoy the process enough, and beyond purchasing Poker for Dummies, I’ve never spent any time learning how to play.

The proliferation of “vendors” handing out those cards on the streets is also out of control. In order to get anywhere by foot, you have to pass through a gauntlet of people trying to push “Girls Direct To You” cards and pamphlets into your hands. The quiet ones will stand with their “literature” in their outstretched hands, hoping for people to take it. The aggressive ones will try to attack you, forcing the material into your hand. I know it’s a business, so they must be making money sufficient to justify the expense of five people on every block giving away the same material. It just makes it hard to stroll down the city streets. And of course, people who take the cards end up dropping them on the ground the next block over, so the things carpet the sidewalk.

And I know, there are shows and events and exhibits. Maybe I’m just a curmudgeon. I’d be happy to have a counterpoint view in the comments, if any reader wants to publicly profess his or her love for the City of Sin. As for me, I’m glad I’m home.


  1. I’m sure the Justice League appreciates the ringing endorsement.

  2. I’m proud to be a JLA member, Isolde. Do you speak for the Legion of Doom?