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Cheech and Chong v. Mr. Mackey in the Court of Appeals

“Did they know it was your last day?” my editor asked, laughing.

I had just told her that the Court of Appeals drug possession opinion I was writing about mentioned both Cheech and Chong (Judge Harrell‘s majority opinion) and Mr. Mackey from South Park (Judge Greene‘s dissent). (An aside: bets on whether Judge Greene himself or one of his clerks inserted the Mr. Mackey bit?)

Anyway, it was a nice treat on my last day to write about an opinion full of pop culture references. So if you’re out there somewhere, Judges Harrell and Greene (I wouldn’t ordinarily assume that they read this blog, but if Judge Greene watches South Park, anything is possible), thanks for making my last day as a legal affairs writer for The Daily Record that much more fun.

One comment

  1. Caryn – You are welcome. I am glad that I am not just amusing myself. As to whether Judge Greene watches “South Park,” I would be willing to bet that he does. As a “child” of the 60’s and 70’s, I assure you that I was a Cheech & Chong fan and was inspired personally to add them to the Smith opinion. Best to you wherever your new position takes you. By the way, one of my current clerks (a more technologically dependent person than I) noted your blog and alerted me to it. GTH.