Did you have a Professor Kingsfield?

As reported in today's Maryland Lawyer, many former students of the late University of Baltimore law professor Royal G. Shannonhouse III will remember him -- quite fondly -- as the school's answer to Charles W. Kingsfield Jr., the contracts professor in the novel, movie and television series The Paper Chase who made his students' life ...

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  1. Without a doubt, “The House.” One night, as always, he arrives thirty seconds before start of class, assumes his position at the podium, opens his briefcase, takes out his books and notes, and asks a question. No volunteers [this was first semester, freshman year – we were too scared to volunteer!]. So he begins calling on people. After about 6 “I don’t knows”, he picks up his briefcase, returns books and notes to said briefcase, announces, “If you don’t give a *&^%, neither do I.” And he left. Class participation did improve after that night. And at the end of the year, we took him out for drinks.

    About 3 or 4 years later, as a new admittee, I ran into him in Annapolis. He remembered me, knew I had passed the bar, and welcomed me to the profession.

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