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Stop looking for missing paper and Google it instead (access required)

I came across a blog post by Ernie the Attorney (I would really like to meet the guy -- until I do, I keep picturing an orange muppet with a briefcase) about how to be more efficient by spending less time looking for things. The blog references a Wall Street Journal article about how one hour a day is spent in most offices looking for missing information. Ernie's answer is to spend less time using paper and hard files, and more time ensuring that all of your information is digital. I couldn't agree more. However, once that information is digitized, how do you actually locate it? Particularly when you can't narrow down the specific folders or sub-folders in your computer where the file was saved (was it five years ago or 10?), doing a visual search or a keyword search can be unavailing or simply take too long.  For a number of years, my solution to this problem has been Google Desktop.