Live blog from the Baltimore City state’s attorney debate

Legal affairs writer Brendan Kearney will be providing live coverage of the debate between Baltimore City State’s Attorney Patricia C. Jessamy and her primary opponents, Gregg Bernstein and Sheryl Lansey, at the University of Baltimore School of Law, Tuesday night from 5:00 to 7:00. To read his posts, click here for our law blog, On the Record, and click on “Live blog from the state’s attorney debate.”

About the debate:
Tonight’s forum is sponsored by the Criminal Law Association and will be moderated by Professor Byron L. Warnken.

The association chose six questions from 36 entries submitted by students:
(1) What policy would be most effective in combating drug crimes?
(2) How can the criminal justice system prevent repeat juvenile offenders from becoming adult offenders?
(3) What is the best strategy to counter the “stop snitching” mentality?
(4) How should the State’s Attorney handle cases of police officers charged as criminals?
(5) Why do people distrust the criminal justice system and how can that be changed?
(6) When should the State’s Attorney pursue the statutory option of seeking the death penalty?

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