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Law blog roundup: Bedbugs and baseball’s steroid era

Danielle Ulman//September 13, 2010

Law blog roundup: Bedbugs and baseball’s steroid era

By Danielle Ulman

//September 13, 2010

Roger Clemens
Roger Clemens
It’s Monday again, but for Ravens fans, today comes with a cherry on top: Monday Night Football. Here are some law links to get your day started.

  • A weekend news release trumpeted that Billy Murphy would break his silence on the Jessamy-Bernstein race for state’s attorney at a press conference today. Looks like he already spilled the beans.
  • Are medical malpractice caps dead? One doc thinks so.
  • One American files for bankruptcy every 15 seconds.
  • Continuing their summer tour through New York, bedbugs have made their way into the Manhattan DA’s office.
  • Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens may have broken the law, but Bill James argues, so did Babe Ruth.
  • Laid-off attorney shopping her services as a cleaning woman.
  • In South Carolina, having sex with a client’s wife is a conflict of interest.


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