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Bernstein leads Jessamy with absentee ballots left to count (access required)

The race for Baltimore City State's Attorney could come down to absentee ballots. At 3 a.m., the Associated Press reported challenger Gregg L. Bernstein with 29,121 votes and incumbent Patricia C. Jessamy with 27,700. Although AP said all precincts were reporting at that time, the Baltimore City Board of Elections amended that later to say 97 ...


  1. I believe the low voter turn out is due to indifference in this city. I had no intentions of going to the polls because I heard that they are going to start pulling people from voter records for jury duty. I hate jury duty in this City and I think as part of my civic duty I should have a right to say I don’t want to serve.

    If the judge is a professional and the lawyers are professional then this City should hire people who want to be full time jury members and thereby they can be paid professionals as well.

  2. You have two option then, Michael. 1) Move out of the city. Or, 2) Forego your constitutional right to a jury trial, in which case you may as well kiss the rest of them good-bye at the same time. But if you’d like the option of being tried by a jury of your peers, you should probably be willing to pony up when the same is asked of you.