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Howard County couple sues over bedbugs in apartment

ELLICOTT CITY — A Howard County couple has filed a $500,000 lawsuit over a bedbug infestation in an Ellicott City apartment.

Orville and Rebecca Brown say they were forced to move out of their apartment and throw away most of their possessions, including all of their 3-year-old daughter’s toys.

The lawsuit was filed Friday in Howard County Circuit Court and names the owners and managers of the apartment complex. A representative of Hirschfeld Management Inc., which operates the complex, declined to comment.

The lawsuit says the Browns were told that bedbugs had been found in an adjacent apartment and that their apartment would be treated as a precaution. They claim that treatment never occurred.

All three say they suffered red, itchy welts, and Rebecca Brown is undergoing therapy to deal with the trauma of the infestation.