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“Juan” interesting keynote speaker

Tonight I’ll be attending Maryland Volunteer Lawyers Service’s pro bono recognition reception at the University of Maryland School of Law. The event will honor lawyers and law firms for their pro bono service, including three lawyers who have taken at least one case a year from MVLS for the last 10 years.

Oh, and the keynote speaker is Juan Williams. Yes, that Juan Williams. It should be noted Williams was scheduled to speak at the MVLS event way before the whole NPR kerfuffle, and he is still going to talk about volunteerism. Whether he will address his own situation is not known; I’ve been told there is going to be no formal Q&A session, and it’s possible he won’t be taking  questions at all.

But that will not stop me from Tweeting live from Westminster Hall tonight. You can follow me here. I’ll have a full report of the event tomorrow.

Anything you’d like me to ask Mr. Williams?