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Baltimore passes Cyclists’ Bill of Rights

BALTIMORE — Baltimore wants bicyclists to know the city has their back.

The Baltimore City Council passed a Cyclists’ Bill of Rights on Monday night, a nonbinding resolution expressing support for improving conditions in the city for cycling.

The resolution calls for equal access to city streets, greater involvement in planning by bicyclists, greater awareness of bicyclists’ rights in accident cases, improved bike parking and mass transit access for bicycles.

The resolution is part of a package of pro-bicycling bills sponsored by Councilwoman Mary Pat Clarke.

Clarke says a bike-friendly environment attracts and retains young citizens needed to build a thriving economy.

One comment

  1. It would be nice if this could be backed up by more binding legislation to protect cyclists with the law, but this is still a very encouraging step! It’s crucial for cities to embrace cycling as a viable means of transportation as we move forward. Hooray for Baltimore!