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Jury picked for inmate’s murder trial in Cumberland

CUMBERLAND — Testimony has begun in the first-degree murder trial in Cumberland of a state prison inmate charged with strangling the killer of two adolescent girls.

Prosecutors began calling witnesses after a jury was chosen Tuesday morning.

Thirty-six-year-old Christopher White is accused of murdering cellmate Clarence Meyers Jr. in December at the North Branch Correctional Institution.

Meyers was serving two life sentences for setting a house fire in Hancock that killed his girlfriend’s two adolescent daughters in 2009.

White is serving 23 years for a 1995 conviction in Wicomico County for kidnapping, larceny, assault and weapons violations.

One comment

  1. Why did he kill his cellmate? Was it because the cellmate killed two girls, which would make many people very happy, although they would not admit it. Or did the cellmate dis him in some other manner?