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What’s old is new again at Straughan Environmental in Columbia

The 15-year-old company built around sustainable environmental planning practiced what it has preached when it cut the ribbon on a recycled 25-year-old office building at 10255 Old Columbia Rd. last month.

With a $700,000 budget, designers showed Straughan’s environmental scientists and engineers how to reuse what was once a non-descript brick box of a building in an office park in the era of all things going green.

Voila! The transformation of the 8,000-square-foot building into a modern-day energy efficient and high performance green building now eligible for a LEED Commercial Interior certificate is now a local marvel.

The plan to maintain the original shell and transform the interior was compiled by Alexander Design Studio of Ellicott City.

Included in the new digs are a unique and beautiful recycled countertop by local artist Dee Cunningham of Deelite Design with leaves collected by company president Eileen Straughan scattered in the mix.

There is also a mural featuring a landscape of Maryland natural environmental scenes and dimmable solar tubes and a white membrane roof to cut heat attraction. Motion sensitive light fixtures and recycled carpeting by Shaw Ecoworks are also installed throughout the building.

Each workstation also has outdoor views, as to encourage natural lighting (and perhaps some daydreaming) and native plants such as high-bush blueberries, azaleas and coneflowers, phlox and redbud trees were installed in the outdoor landscaping effort. White water lilies decorate a pond out front.

“We are excited that our new office will give us the opportunity to pursue a green, sustainable space,” said Eileen Straughan, company president, in a statement. “In addition to providing sustainable environmental planning and low-impact design services for others, our environmental planners, scientists, and engineers will now work in an ecologically-friendly office and Straughan Environmental will reduce its own use of natural resources.”

View the slideshow below to see more pictures of Straughan Environmental’s new building: