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Case Digest: November 15, 2010

Administrative Law, Timeliness of appeal: Petition for an administrative hearing was properly rejected as time barred because it was filed more than 180 days after notice of the agency’s final decision. Carven v. State Retirement & Pension System of Maryland, No. 58, Sept. Term, 2009.

Civil Procedure, Certiorari jurisdiction: Because the Court of Special Appeals reached no conclusions regarding the merits of the defendants’ claims on appeal, the Court of Appeals could not exercise certiorari jurisdiction over their cases. Stachowski v. State; Stockstill v. State, Nos. 52 & 16, Sept. Term, 2008.

Contract Law, Attorneys’ fees: The proper rubric for determining a reasonable fee in a contractual debt-collecting case is Maryland Rule of Professional Conduct 1.5. Monmouth Meadows Homeowners Association, Inc. v. Hamilton, Nos. 43, 44 & 46, Sept. Term, 2009.