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P.G. County police chief troubled by charges against officers

PALMER PARK — Prince George’s County Police Chief Roberto Hylton says the charges against three of his officers leaves a nasty taste in his mouth.

Hylton made the comments Monday, hours after the FBI arrested the officers, saying he is concerned that greed has taken over some of the department’s employees.

Two officers and five other people are charged in a scheme to sell untaxed cigarettes and alcohol. A third officer and another man are charged in a drug and gun conspiracy.

All three officers are suspended without pay.

Police say it appears that at least one officer met his alleged coconspirators through off-duty work at a liquor store. Hylton promised a review of moonlighting policies for officers.

One comment

  1. That nasty taste in the Chief’s mouth is probably the cocaine residue he accidentally picked up from the paperwork filed by these three crooked cops…

    I wonder if these “officers” will be prosecuted under the new “Maryland EXILE” program, which mandates MANDATORY jail time for anyone convicted of a felony if they were also in possession of a gun?

    Equal application of the law, that’s all we’re asking. These three criminals should be treated like any other drug-dealing, extortionist thug who get caught in MD, by the Courts. No special treatment. No special accommodations. No special deals. No special leniency.

    The LE community in MD needs to purge itself of “bad apples”–is it any wonder why gangs and thuggery is on the rise in MD, when the children of our communities have role models like these three?