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Police officer to be tried in dog shooting

ANNAPOLIS — A civilian Army police officer accused in the fatal shooting of a Siberian husky in a Severn dog park is going on trial.

Thirty-two-year-old Keith Shepherd is charged with animal cruelty and firing his gun near homes — both misdemeanors. His attorney plans to argue in the trial set for Friday that the shooting was justified and says Shepherd will give his account of what happened. A judge will decide the case.

The shooting of the dog, known as Bear-Bear, prompted widespread outrage.

Shepherd claims he shot the dog to protect himself, his wife and their dog after the unleashed husky put its jaws around his dog’s neck and the husky’s owners didn’t respond to his requests to control their dog.


  1. He never should be allowed to use his gun in a park on a family animal!

  2. He should never be allowed to use a gun, period. I’m a carry permit holder and, like Shepard, usually armed. But I would never think of pulling a gun in a park over something like this. It’s incomprehensible. He’s clearly not someone who can be trusted with a firearm.