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Law digest: November 22, 2010

Banking Law, Credit Agreement Act: The circuit court may consider borrowers’ allegations of negligence, fraud and breach of fiduciary duty as grounds to open, modify or vacate the confessed judgment entered against them. Pease v. Wachovia SBA Lending, Inc., No. 76, Sept. Term, 2009.

Evidence, Impeachment: The trial court violated defendant’s constitutional right of confrontation by prohibiting him from cross-examining the witness as to potential bias. Martinez v. Maryland, No. 67, Sept. Term, 2009.

Workers’ Compensation: Survival of benefits: Because husband presented insufficient evidence to show that his deceased wife had “a legal obligation to support” him at the time of her death, any right to claim her permanent partial benefits did not pass to him. WalMart Stores, Inc. v. Holmes, No. 141, Sept. Term, 2009.