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Law blog roundup

Short work weeks make Mondays that much more bearable. Get a little more enjoyment out of your Monday with some law links below:

  • Maryland’s top court is studying whether the court can alter the contributory negligence standard through a rule or whether it would need to do it through a judicial order. See our story on the study here.
  • The Paycheck Fairness Act fails to get a vote in the Senate.
  • Actor Wesley Snipes was ordered to begin serving his three-year prison sentence Friday. But no money train is going to save this guy from doing time for federal tax evasion.
  • Should terror suspects be tried in civilian courts or military courts? The debate rages on after Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani was acquitted of 284 of 285 counts last week in civilian court.
  • Mega insider trading case on the way?
  • Manila could give India a run for its money in legal outsourcing.
  • Work-life balance advocates may have hurt women in the recession.
  • Superheroes band together against the LAPD.