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Sanders receives pro bono award

Cynthia Blake Sanders

Cynthia Blake Sanders

Cynthia Blake Sanders, an intellectual property lawyer at Ober|Kaler, of Baltimore, recently was been named a Pro Bono Star by the Pro Bono Resource Center of Maryland. Sanders was selected for her work on behalf of Maryland Lawyers for the Arts, a nonprofit that provides lawyer referral services and pro bono legal assistance to income-eligible artists and arts organizations. She serves as MLA’s vice president and as a volunteer lawyer.
Sanders has helped low-income artists, including a local Kashmiri folk music nonprofit whose work was used without permission in a Bollywood movie and artists who were trying to get paid or get their work returned. She has given many talks and workshops on legal issues important to artists, particularly copyright concerns. The former textile artist also serves on the boards of the Baltimore School for the Arts, the Baltimore chapter of the American Advertising Federation and the Black Cherry Puppet Theater.

Cynthia Blake Sanders

Education: BFA, Maryland Institute College of Art; J.D., University of Maryland School of Law.
Resides in: Baltimore (Roland Park).
Daily commute: Jones Falls Expressway.
Most recent vacation: Isle au Haut, Maine.
Hobbies: Advising Stony Run Young Friends; gardening; hot yoga.
Favorite books: Narrative nonfiction and anything by Terry Pratchett.
Most recently read: “Stones into Schools: Promoting Peace with Education in Afghanistan and Pakistan” by Greg Mortenson (if one needs to work with the Taliban … it’s the guide).
Favorite food: oatmeal cookies.
Favorite quotations: “Onwards and upwards,” which I attribute to Willy Wonka in “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.”


  1. Lorraine Whittlesey

    Congratulations to Cynthia Sanders. She’s made a positive contribution to the lives of numerous artists and I’ proud and pleased to know her.

  2. I read your bio with great interest. I’m a Terry Pratchett fan also and hope to meet him one day,as I’m very concerned about his health. Sent an E/Mail to a Cynthia Gammell,an editor of “The Daily Mirror” who interviewed him recently.I have a book coming out sometimes in 2011 titled: “Stress and Depression,The Real Culprits” by Author House. In addition to the book, I sent a suggestion to a well known pharmaceutical company with a suggestion to create an antidepressant,for which they said,”after reviewing the information,we have concluded that we are not in a position to pursue this opportunity. This decision intergrates many factors,including internal prioritiesand resources availability. Thank you for considering………( the company)but a few years later they went ahead and produced this antidepressant without my;therefore stealing my intellectual property. I have not recieved one red dime nor recognition. The forerunner of this medication was banded by the Food and Drug Admin. for which they say was causing people to commit suicide. The medication wasn’t causing the person to do this,but their depression was because the nedication wasn’t standing up to it’s potential. It lacked a key ingredient that I suggested to this world wide pharmaceutical co. You have helped countless artist pro-bono. I would like to be your next pro-bono case please. I live in Southeast,DC. God bless

  3. Congratulations, Cynthia. Grammie would be proud and so are we!

  4. This is excellent! Congratulations.

  5. Yes, a well deserved congratulations!